Does your work touch on integration, adult education, migration, language learing and/or labour market issues? Welcome to TDAR closing conference on September 9 in Stockholm.

TDAR is a project which aims to contribute to the development of vocational training for staff in the care sector by transfer and further development of the innovative results from the projects ArbetSam and SpråkSam to different European countries.

For this to be possible all resources and other guidance were translated into English and then further translated to German, Spanish and Basque. Before starting to test ArbetSam products, partners have compared the circumstances prevailing in adult social care and education in their own countries to those in Sweden that gave rise to the ArbetSam approach.

In this closing conference you will learn about the results of the piloting and further development in the participating countries but also about effects in Sweden and recommendations for the future. The conference will be interest to you if your work touches on integration, adult education, migration, language learning and/or labour market issues.

The conference is free of charge. The conference language is English.

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Publicerad 2015-08-25

Webbansvarig: Märit Malmberg Nord